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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eight "Great" Elders Join the SAJM!

New Missionaries
April 19, 2016
Welcome to our "Eight Great" new missionaries!

 Elder Dionisu comes from our neighboring country of 

With Elder Mbiriwiri as his new companion!

Elder Ebite all the ways from the
Phillipines - first SAJM missionaries from there!

with Elder Zitumane as his companion

Elder Hosmer hails from
Boise, Idaho

With Elder Gwaka as his trainer

Elder Jangao also from the 
Phillipines - Elder Ebite is his first cousin!

with Elder Kilgore as his trainer! 
Elder Murwira came smiling from 

with Elder Stevenson as his trainer

Elder Nelsen all the way from
Hanna, Wyoming! 

with Elder Chaganuka as his trainer

Elder Thompson is from
Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

with Elder Wride as his trainer

Last, but not least.....Elder Wolgramm, born in Hawaii, raised in Alberta, Canada..but came on mission from.....
Orem, Utah

with Elder Lambert as his trainer!

This is a great group and we are so excited to get their collective energy in the SAJM. A transfer day is always a great day, to see new blood come into the mission.

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