President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 2016 Mission Leadership Council

Another Leadership Meeting rolls around! We started off with a South African lunch of Bobotie, grapes and Malva Pudding. It is nice to start off the meeting with a nice lunch together.
We have a lot of new Zone Leaders. A few are re-engaged zone leaders that have been with us before and are back!
Meet our new ones- Elder Tekurion, Elder Wegrowski, Elder Todd, Elder Downs, Elder Ratsimbazafy, Elder Broadhead, Elder Mapenda. Welcome to everyone new and old!

Elder Todd, Elder Dean and Elder Mapenda!
Elder Hentunen, Elder Downs and Elder Ndwandwe
Elder Di Ruscio, Elder Dube, Elder Pickup and Elder Clegg

Elder Tekurio
Elder Broadhead and Elder Ratsimbazafy
Elder and Sister Larsen
Elder Dube and Elder Di Ruscio
Elder Mapenda
Meeting about to begin!
Elder Ndwandwe introducing Elder Tekurio. 
Elder Hentunen introducing Elder Downs
Our wonderful Assistants, Elder Pickup and Elder Clegg planned a great agenda. Very impressive leadership.
President Dunn gave a wonderful training on the "Why?" of missionary work.

Another great meeting that helps move the mission forward. This is a great group of Elders as our senior leadership team.. We are so blessed to work with them and they are making great strides with the missionaries in their zones.

Next meeting: Thursday May 26, 2016

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