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Monday, April 25, 2016

Birch Acre Baptism

On Sunday April 24, 2016 we had the privilege of participating in one of many baptisms that happen across our mission each Sunday.  Members are baptized on Sundays due to the issue with transportation, so everyone stays after the 3 hour meeting block and participated then.
This is a special one for us because many weeks ago we were able to meet Veronica Hwinoingwi with Elder Irakiza and Elder Kei when they invited us to a teaching appointment as part of the Centurion Zoning In event. 

We were so impressed with Veronica's readiness to be baptized and we also met her son Anthony at the time of our visit in her home. She invited us to her baptism and we accepted. It was a lovely event and Veronica really brought an extra special spirit with her.
Elder Irakiza gave a talk on baptism and President Dunn on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Veronica shared her testimony after the baptism and Bishop Mabasa welcomed her into the congregation.
Elder Irakiza baptized Veronica
Elder Kei was busy getting the contact details of a lovely new investigator who showed up for her first Sunday.
The baptismal font is a portable one put up behind the church meeting place. It works!

Lots of support today by the members that came to be part of this special occasion.

The ward meets in a strip mall building that is rented. I am amazed by how many people are active members of this ward.

After this special morning we were invited to the home of Amber and Zach Louw as they emigrate this week for New Zealand.. Their family hosted a lovely lunch!

It is an honor to be part of our missionaries lives during and after their missions. We have loved having Amber and Zach living so close to us and have gathered together on many occasions since their wedding over a year ago. We wish them the best in New Zealand where they will be working in an Italian restaurant. Zach is a chef and Amber will be working alongside him in the restaurant. A bold and exciting adventure awaits them.

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