President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So far "Sousa" good!

Today a new Elder arrived from this last transfer......just a week later. Elder Sousa from Brazil has spent the past three weeks training at the Brazil MTC and we are so excited to receive him today.

He is joining up with Elder Bonifaz from Spain and will be serving in Potchefstroom. A cool connection was discovered today and it continues to amaze us at the power of inspiration of who will serve with who.
 A journal entry from Sister Charchenko after helping Elder Bonifaz to pick up Elder Sousa:
 Amazing. We just picked up Elder Bonifaz's new companion Elder Sousa. Elder Sousa is from Brazil and Elder Bonifaz is from Spain BUT Elder Sousa knows Elder Bonifaz's brother really well. He met him in Belgium when he went there to visit his mother. So the family in Belgium are really good friends with Elder Bonifaz's family and Elder Sousa also knows them really well. Elder Sousa spent a lot of time at their house when Elder Bonifaz's brother was there and they became really good friends. So needless to say The two Elders are already friends. 

We knew Elder Sousa speaks Portuguese but we wondered if he would speak English. Well he not only speaks English and Portuguese, he speaks Spanish and French. Pretty awesome.

We are so excited to get this wonderful new Elder in our mission. We can tell he will be a great asset.
Bless the Charchenko's for helping transport these two great companions back to their new area in Potchefstroom!


  1. Elder Sousa will definitely be a great missionary!
    i'm so happy for you!!