President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zoning in.....Roodepoort

On Wednesday August 12, 2015, we found ourselves right in our own neighborhood of Roodepoort. We had the chance to study with Elder Maretefau and Elder Delahoy, the Krugersdorp 2 Elders. It is a pleasure to go into their clean flat and share what we all have been studying. It is always stimulating and invigorating to bear testimony and share insights together.
We also love hearing about who they are teaching and what their daily schedule and teaching priorities are.
We stayed an hour and then excused ourselves to head to a teaching appointment with the Munsieville Elders. We picked up Elder Nomunwar and Elder Tima, both from Micronesia and picked up a member to accompany us and headed to the Munsivelle building.
We spent an hour with all of them and their new convert, Tebeso. It was so powerful to hear the things that were being taught and discussed about service. It was so impressive to feel the spirit and enthusiasm of our wonderful Elders and also Tebeso. We were so honored to be in their midst.
We met in the classroom of the branch and found the spirit to be there in abundance. I loved hearing Tebeso tell how he has completely changed and is not at all the same person. he is so happy and peaceful and is so smart. It was a pleasure to get acquainted and spend the time together.
We left this great group to head to one more teaching opportunity, but did not have enough time allotted to make it to the next address in time for the appointment that was already scheduled. So, we called the Elders and told them to go ahead without us. We will go with them next time. We find sometimes too much is planned into the time and travel time is not always figured in.
All in all, the zoning in activities are some of the best things we do. We get out among the Elders and really see how they study, teach, clean and interact on the ground. I love our "Zoning-In" days.


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  2. Hey Sister Dunn, My name is Matthew. I will be reporting to the Johannesburg to MTC on the 15th of October to serve as in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission. I was wondering if you could email me the mission presidents email on this email address ; i did not receive his email address in my call packet. I just had to discuss something him before i arrive which the missionary department said i should inform him of.


  3. What a powerful and insightful trip you are on! It is so heart warming to see such wonderful fellowship and spirituality being embraced and practiced in other parts of the world. It seems many people have lost sight of what is important and just do not find the time to bring practice and teaching into their daily lives.

    Daniel Roberson @ Mark Bentley PA