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Monday, August 3, 2015

New Missionaries in the SAJM

New Missionaries

The departing missionaries heading into the South Africa MTC on the morning of August 4, 2015 to pick up the new missionaries for the SAJM.
                       Group shot with  our newest Elders!
Meet Elder Gramu from Zimbabwe
Meet Elder Njovane from South Africa
Meet Elder Ahome’e from America Somoa
Meet Elder West from Australia
Meet Elder Derera from Zimbabwe
Meet Elder Hlophe from South Africa
Meet Elder Muweesi from Uganda
Meet Elder Malunga from Zimbabwe
Meet Elder Eke from Switzerland
Meet Elder Matanga from Zimbabwe
Meet Elder Ete from Samoa
Meet Elder Zitumane from South Africa
Meet Elder Mbiriwiri from Zimbabwe

We greeted each one and took a picture with them, but then came inside and took their individual pictures that will be part of the mission roster. What a great group. We could feel of their energy. They asked great questions during the panel and discussion. We were really impressed.

J.  Valentine ‘Ahome’e        American Samoa

Nyasha Derera                  Zimbabwe

 Hamson O. Eki                   Switzerland

Tusipa Junior Ete               Samoa

Moody Gramu                    Zimbabwe
 Mayibuye N. Hlophe          South Africa

Tafadzwa S. Malunga          Zimbabwe


Obey Matanga                   Zimbabwe

Joseph T. Mbiriwiri            Zimbabwe

Benjamin G. Muweesi          Uganda

Thembela Njovane             South Africa

Asher Robert West            Australia


Khanyisani Zitumane          South Africa

Later in the morning, after orientation, the new missionaries headed into the transfer meeting. Here the started off the meeting by introducing themselves and sharing a brief testimony! You will see them all pictured again as they came to the podium.

Below are three missionaries that came to our mission mu transfer. They are highlights in an earlier blog post. They had a chance to meet the mission today and bear their testimonies!

Elder Irakize from Burundi

Elder Randrianavalona from Madagascar

Elder Valikoula from Tonga

Below are the companionships:

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  1. Wow you are so good at documenting and keeping all of this straight! Love it!