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Friday, August 21, 2015

The "Segils" have landed

We were able to be part of a wonderful reunion watching Elder Keaton Draper Segil greet his family after two years. What was most fun about this reunion was that Elder Segil surprised his family, mostly his mother, at the airport. They thought that they would not see him until the next day at the mission office.

But instead, we were in on the surprise and took Elder Segil to the airport for this fun reunion.

Here you see his mom getting surprised. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed a dinner with them at the mission home. What a great family. It sure was special to see them reunited.

Even though we don't get to say good-bye to Elder Segil at the airport, this was a great way to hand him off. He and his family have a wonderful trip planned in South Africa and also Zambia.

The Segil's gave us such an amazing gift. They discovered that we love to cycle on our P-day, so they gave us matching jerseys from their home town. How cool are these bike jerseys. We love that they would be so considerate and think of such a thoughtful gift. We will always think of them when we wear them. Hopefully we will wear them someday when we visit this town in Montana.

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  1. This gave me chills! Cutest thing ever...nothing better than reunions at OR Tambo!