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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mormon Helping Hands

Mormon Helping Hands Programs:  On Saturday August 15th, every branch and ward participated in service projects across our mission and across SouthEast Africa. We will be gathering more pictures of various projects our missionaries participated in. 
Below Elder Asay and Elder Souza are helping out in Randberg.
The missionaries also participated in the Dobsonville Ward project in the Soweto Stake. Sister Irene Tshabalala from that ward works in the mission home. Under her direction we had the departing Elders donated their bedding and sheets for an orphanage in Soweto. 
Sister Irene washed and prepared the packets and we took them all to the orphanage on Thursday August 13th, prior to the culminations day of Aug. 15th. 
I was lucky enough to also participate in this project and helping to drop it off to the orphanage with great members of the Dobsonville ward.
On Saturday August 15th, I was able to participate in the Centurion Helping Hands Project. Both Centurion Wards were involved in this expansive project at Manger Marine, which is a  residence home for 80 adults in a rural setting outside Pretoria.
Bishop Comrie is welcoming everyone and explaining all of the various projects available to participate in.
There was a great turnout of individuals and families.

Snapshots of the day below!
Above, Sister Tina Jackson with Ron Padoa. Elder Padoa has called as the Director of the Helping Hands Projects for all of SouthEast Africa.

Clothes were collected to distribute to the residents.

Doors and mattresses were brought to help in sprucing up the place.

Garden beds were cleaned and prepped and then planted.

Thanks to Primary President, Lynne Dallender, many children participated in the projects and they also sang for the residents.

Look how good the garden looked when we were finished.

Curtain rods were donated and hung and curtains put in bedrooms

Residents sorting through the clothing donations

Haircuts were offered to over 30 residents

Painting of one of the resident halls was a big project, but left a clean finish and smell.

Getting ready to hang curtains in resident rooms.

Donated curtains were being prepared for hanging.

Treat bags were prepared by the primary children for all the residents. Some were also left under pillows on beds for a late night surprise!

Primary children singing to residents.

Enjoyed by all!

Food was distributed

Projects were getting completed, even sealing of the roof.

All ages had fun!

The Jackson's were able to bring their son Jon along, who is visiting for two weeks from the States.

Haircuts were being provided right up until the end!  This was a great day of service for everyone involved.  Due to the distance from the Centurion ward, our missionaries were not able to participate in this project, due to the new mission boundaries. However, since this is a stake in our mission, I was glad to be there to represent the missionaries and get all of these great pictures of the service that was rendered.
Here is another project organized by the Krugersdorp 2 Ward*. We spot Elder Delahoy and Elder Marietafau in this picture.

*Members of Ward handing over +-90 homemade hand towels for the children’s toilets and an assortment of stationery.
Also, Member of Bishopric handing over all the projects done during the year to the Principal of the school with the missionaries and members of K2 Ward. The hope now is to follow up with K1 missionaries in teaching the Principal the first discussion.

Objectives for Mormon Helping Hands

Helping Hands Help the Needy and Improve 


Service to others is an important characteristic of the followers of Jesus Christ. Mormon Helping Hands provides organized opportunities for Church members to give their time and talents to bless those in need. It also gives members the opportunity to beautify city streets, parks, schools, and recreational areas and to serve in other ways, showing that the Church is a friend to the community.

Strengthen Church Members

Through Mormon Helping Hands, youth and adults become more sensitive to the challenges others face. As Church members follow the example of the Savior in reaching out and helping others, their testimonies are strengthened. These projects are also valuable opportunities for Church members to fellowship less-active friends.

Share the Gospel Indirectly

Through Mormon Helping Hands, Church members have opportunities to portray the fruits of their faith and dispel unfounded criticism and prejudice toward the Church. While this program is not to be used for proselyting, these activities can help create conditions that are favorable for gospel conversations and may on occasion provide the opportunity to engage missionaries in teaching those who want to know more.

Build Relationships with Opinion Leaders

Church Public Affairs exists to “build strategic relationships with opinion leaders who affect the reputation of the Church of Jesus Christ.” Service is a powerful tool for influencing the beliefs and opinions of prominent individuals. Mormon Helping Hands is especially effective in developing beneficial relationships between Church leaders and government officials or other opinion leaders.

Enhance the Reputation of the Church

Mormon Helping Hands helps bring the Church out of obscurity and can greatly improve its reputation. Local media interest in these projects helps spread the knowledge of the Church to many who would not otherwise hear of it.

Below are more pictures I received from our missionaries of projects that assisted in that day.


  1. So cool mom! I bet you were right in your element doing a big service project!

  2. Hey Sister Dunn, My name is Matthew. I will be reporting to the Johannesburg to MTC on the 15th of October to serve as in the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission. I was wondering if you could email me the mission presidents email on this email address ; i did not receive his email address in my call packet. I just had to discuss something him before i arrive which the missionary department said i should inform him of.