President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Zone Conference Continued

Wednesday August 26, 2015
Arriving early for
Zone Conference-Roodepoort Chapel
Zones in attendance: Roodepoort, Vaal and Soweto
Here are the zone leaders for today's groups:
Elder Rini, Elder Adjin, Elder Clegg, Elder Silvester, Elder Adjei and Elder Masoka
Soweto Zone with President Msani and senior couples (Scott's and Swan's) joining with us.
Roodepoort Zone
Vaal Zone 
Here is the opening schedule for the day. We had Elder Rini conducting and offered a keynote session and also 3 workshops. The keynote had a fun surprise. The Schulte's were recently baptized and they came and offered personal insights and experiences about their own journey. They shared how the missionaries helped them to make and keep commitments.

Vanessa and Jurgen Schulte: Special Guest Speakers

WE love these two and have been so honored to be part of their journey and look forward to sharing more to come as they work towards their temple endowment in a year.

Three workshops followed:

The Purification Challenge facilitated by Elder Olson and Elder Worton

The Elders really enjoyed this session and the program that it launches starting September 16th.

My session was focused on the temple and family history as a central part of missionary work. 

Elder Douglas Peterson is our area mental health expert. He offered a session on reducing stress and gave many great tips and skills.
Lunch reduces stress! Elder Masoka making a sandwich out of his lasagna and salad lunch!

This is always a nice time to visit and relax a bit. We all enjoy lunch and appreciate the help of our senior couples in putting it all together.

Elder Warr and Elder Manuma catch the camera!

Elder Randrianavalona is looking at the camera and it is actually his birthday today, August 26th! We highlight all the birthdays for three months, but his is actually today!

Elder Maraetefau, Elder Delahoy, Elder Olson and Elder Ahome'e

Elder Adjin, Elder Hepworth and Elder Taylor caught by the cameraman...President Dunn!

Elder Samuel, Elder Mazinyane and Elder Tima are all new Elders, just here three weeks. 

Elder Hentunen and Elder Clegg.

Elder Worton, Elder Smalley and Elder Pick-up!

Elder Savage and Elder Wegrowski

Elder Rini and Elder Dube

Elder Hepworth, Elder Taylor, Elder Ahome'e and Elder Wilombe

Elder Smalley and Elder Worton with a selfie!
Elder Natwijuka and Elder De La Cruz as they leave after a great day together at zone conference!


  1. Busy week! Looks lively and like it went well. I wish I could sit in! Love your cute skirt! Poetry? :)

  2. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into the zone conferences. Looks like this was another great one. (just sayin' I kinda wish I could attend one for the spiritual boost) Our Elders and so lucky to have you guys!