President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mission Leadership Council

On Thursday August 13, 2015, we gathered with our mission leadership council for our meeting that occurs once a transfer. Much information and discussion is shared during this afternoon. Today we welcomed 6 new zone leaders to our group of 14.  The new Elders joining us for the first time are Elder Todd, Elder Lea'aetoa, Elder Broadhead, Elder Adjei, Elder Larsen and Elder Adjin.
We started the meeting with a delicious homemade lunch. Thanks to Sister Allred, we served Fettucine Alfredo today. She spearheaded today's effort. We also added salad, breadsticks and homemade peanut butter cookies, President Dunn's favorites! Elder Allred is one lucky guy, to have his wife's cooking and loving efforts. he looks pretty happy with his lunch today also.

.........and so do they!

Starting with a song and the mission purpose!

It is nice to meet in the High Council Room of the Roodepoort Chapel. Our smaller size allows this to happen now. What a great group to deliberate with. We covered so many topics today. The zone leaders have a zone training on Friday August 21, where they will share all of these topics and more with their respective zones.
The leadership structure of a mission is a great and inspired aspect. As these leadership roles rotate through the Elders, individuals get a chance to be the leader they have admired before. They learn best how to be servant leaders and to be an example and motivator for others to follow. It is a growing process for all.

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