President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Goodbye to Elder Xalabile!

On Friday August 14, 2015, Elder Xalabile heads for home. He has one of the shortest flights becasue he is a fellow South African and lives only a few hours away by plane in the Eastern Cape. LAst year on August 4th, Elder Xalabile arrived with 4 other missionaries from the Sierra leone mission. His mission was closed temporarily due to the Ebola outbreak and risks. We were so fortunate to get these amazing four Elders to join our mission overnight.

What a blessing Elder Xalabile has been. His gentle, humble style has made a real impact on our mission.  We say good-bye today...but expect to see him back here in Johannesburg before too long. His family is planning to visit the temple in December and we look forward to re-connecting as often as possible.
On the morning we left for the airport, I asked if I could cook breakfast and he said that he doesn't eat in the morning, but would like to sew his button back on his jacket. I was impressed to see his sewing skills at work right before we left. this is one "button down guy" every way!

Bags are packed, weighed and ready to go!

Who else, but Elder Xalabile goes home wearing a classy gentlemen's hat? See what I mean about him being a dapper guy that is very buttoned down? We love you Elder Xalabile and will miss you in the mission. Now you keep your promise and come back and visit soon!


  1. I hope this will reach you ; In this blog page I see the social media icons (Facebook) to share this blog/pictures. I need to confirm that if I am allowed to pick some of the picutres for my Facebook friends to see how those Elders are working in different country. thank you!

  2. Also, my husband and I are very proud of those young worrios to serve their God in far-away countries. My husband is not a member but we both can see President's and leaders' constant work that is quite restless for those young elders to work with full force. thank you so so much.