President and Sister Dunn

Monday, August 3, 2015

Biggest Departing Group To Date

Departing Dinner in the Mission Home
Monday August 4, 2015

We have an epic night with 23 missionaries and 3 sets of parents joining with us at the mission home.

Keith and Luana Wilkinson from Missouri here to pick up their son Elder Nathan Wilkinson

We got to see the reunion on our front steps.

It is so tender to see the anticipations, reactions and tears of joy!

As you can see we invited everyone in  to relax and make themselves at home before we got started.
A lot of comraderie was apparent with this great group of Elders

Elder Saunders, Elder Brown, Elder Segil and Elder Reese

Elder Kaufusi entertaining all of us while Elder Barton, Elder Pedersen and Elder Saunders pose for a picture.

Elder Loveless, Elder Kaufusi and Elder Barton

Elder Harris and Elder Henley in a contemplative moment. They both were called to Botswana and due to visa issues, both ended up serving out their missions in the SAJM. We feel so fortunate to have them both serving here with us.

Elder Stilgoe, Elder Harris and Elder Henley

Elder Rizk, Elder Pulley, Elder Beers, Elder Xalabile

Eder Harris and Elder Benge

The Wilkerson's with Elder Riley, their son, Elder Wilkerson and Elder Lyon.

Tonight we set a table for the parents and we got to join with them. What a treat to get better acquainted with the Henley's (L) from Alpine Utah, the Wilkerson's from St. Louis, Missouri and the Brownings (R) from Bunkerville, Nevada. These are darling parents and in for such a treat as they get to tour this mission with their sons.

After dinner we gathered for some reflective moments. 

It was a full house!

We had everyone pick questions and decide who was the best one to answer!

President and Sister Dunn both get a moment to share our love and thoughts with them briefly! We love this special night in the mission home.
This great group of Elders have left their legacy in this mission.
Catching them later in the evening enjoying each other's company!


  1. You can feel the love in this !!! So cute. How sweet to see parents reunite with elders. Love it all!

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