President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fifteen Fabulous New Elders

Mission Motto:
Obedience in the Price
Faith is the Power
Love in the Motive
The Spirit is the Key
and Christ is the Reason  
On Wednesday August 19, 2015 we gathered together the brand new missionaries (top picture) which we are coining the "Fabulous Fifteen." They are already off and running. They also have some of the best trainers, (bottom group) We are so impressed by each and every one of them.
We started outside today due to the size of the group and the great spring weather. We had a welcome, a song and a prayer and Elder Swindlehurst offered our Mission Quote today.
I welcomed the Elders and engaged them in a quick team building activity.
You can see them trying to get "untwisted" and discover who to solve the challenge I gave them. The application and discussion that follwoed reminded everyne that ...if you get tied in knots or have a problem to solve....1)work together and 2) think creatively 3)try new approaches! Fun opening activity.
Elder Ete and Elder Smaley, Elder West and Elder Swindlehurst, Elder Mamhere and Elder Gramu and President Dunn with Elder Ndwandwe at lunch.
We held the AP and President Dunn presentations outside and used the ping pong table for a screen. It was a nice place to gather. The presentations are informative and interactive.
This is one of the very best gatherings in the 6 week transfer schedule. It is the first time the new Elders have been to the mission home and it is an informative and fun chance to be together. It is always interesting to see how connected and comfortable they get in the first few weeks. This group especially!!

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