President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Zone Conference Time Again

Zone Conferences only come around 4 times a year. Each time, I marvel at what a great experience it is to be together with all of our great Elders. They come prepared, attentive and add so much to the day with their insights, teachings, questions and good, positive energy. I think we all just love being together and getting re-charged. 

With new mission boundaries, we are holding only 2 zone conferences this time around. On Tuesday August 24th we met at the Bedfordview Chapel with 4 zones. (Bedfordview, Benoni, Centurion, and Johannesburg.) Is a great day on every front.

Centurion Zone

Bedfordview Zone

Johannesburg Zone

Benoni Zone
Agenda for the day: Elder Smith from the centurion Zone conducted today.
8:15 am          Pre-Conference Study Session
9:00 am          Welcome and Announcements (Birthdays)
9:25                Elder Thompson Bike and Car Training
10:15             Snack Break
10:30              Keynote Session  (President Dunn)
11:35              Session #1 Purification Challenge: Assistants 
12:15              Lunch Break
1:00                The Temple as a Missionary Tool: Sister Dunn
1:45                Emotional Well-being: Elder and Sister Peterson, 
2:30                Evaluation, Questions, Answers, Raffle
3:00                Wrap-Up
3:15                Adjourn
Here is the agenda for the day!

Elder Worton, Elder Jackson and Elder Olson enjoying the snack break!

Elder Brown, Elder Bonifaz and Elder Tekurio in front during the snack break!
Elder Sibanda and Elder Gwaka

Elder Rushton, Henderson (hidden) Elder Alvial, Elder Nelson, Elder Jada

Elder Mamhere, with his trainee, Elder Malunga and also Elder Mugenyi.

Elder Mbiriwiri and Elder Muweesi talking to Elder Pier on his last day in the mission.

Elder Lea'aetou and Elder Quigley

President Dunn in the keynote presentation

Lunch break!

Serious about eating!

Thanks to senior couples for helping with the lunch

Delicious menu today: Chicken pot pie, salad, rolls and congo bars!

Service with a smile!

Elders Olson. Henderson, Broadhead, Jackson and Quigley!

Role playing in Sister Dunn's session!
These Elders are so good at articulating heartfelt messages about the temple and family history work.

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  1. A major production! Hope yours went well!

  2. What a great zone conference!!! Lucky Elders that get to hear from you two!