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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zone Conference June 2016 1/2

Zone Conference
June 21, 2016
This year's conference landed on the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year here in South Africa. It was a great day to be "enlightened" by the word. We started bright and early with a pre-study session at 8 am.
Some Elders came early and we used them to set up zone banners before the study session began.
Roodepoort Zone
L to R- Elders Di Ruscio, Elder Phiri, Elder Chirwa, Elder Morrill, Elder Taylor, Elder Reid, Elder Phiri, Elder Ete, Elder Nglazi, Elder Cowan, Elder Lamini, Elder Tima, Elder Sibanda
President and Sister Dunn
Soweto Zone
Elder Broadhead, Elder Swindlehurst, Elder Carr, Elder Schnepf, Elder Hosmer, Elder Wardle, Elder Campbell, Elder Chakanyuka, Elder Manoo, Elder Eki, Elder Gwaka, Elder Ratsimbazfy, Elder Lambert, Elder Nielsen, Elder Wolfgramm, Elder Clegg
President and Sister Dunn
Vaal Zone
L-R Sister and Elder Charchenko, Elder Irakize, Elder Jangao, Elder Nelson, Elder Opolot, Elder Todd, Elder Mazanyane, Elder Sousa, Elder Hlophe, Elder Nonumwar, Elder Matanga, Elder Kilgore, Elder Kagimba, Elder Daki, Elder Lino, Sister and President Dunn
Front row: Elder Bonifaz and Elder Engrom 
Pre-conference study session was a teaching video with Elder Holland talking about 'Doing the Father's will." It was excellent and President Dunn offered a keynote session afterwards on Revelation through the Book of Mormon.

Elder and Sister Black role played investigators with Elder Clegg and Sibanda sharing the Book of Mormon with them.
Everyone discussed the ideas presented and how to get people to develop their own faith about the Book of Mormon.
President Dunn does a great job with inspiring topics and amazing graphics and visual presentation. 

Mid- morning break was enjoyed.

Elder Lambert

Elder Kilgore

Elder Ratsimbazfy

Our photographer- Elder Clegg with a selfie

The Charchenko's with the Well's and the Larsen's at lunch!
OUr friendly neighborhood pharmacist (called chemist here) came to us to offer annual flu shots to all our Elders. It is optional, but despite the fear most of them rolled up their sleeve and got one before lunch!

Elder Kagimba is ready!
Elder Engrom was very unsure about this! :)
Elder Irakize and Elder Matanga survived the shot.
Even our darling Sister Larsen got one in between her serving!

Lunchtime was so enjoyable! Delicious butter chicken with rice, salad and malva pudding!

Elder Morrill
Elder Reid

Elder Clegg
Elder Kagimba with President Dunn and Elder Opolot! (above)Elder Phiri, Niglazi, Daki, Chirwa and Clegg. (below)

Elder Cowan, Elder Di Ruscio, Elder Eti, Elder Morrill

After the conference everyone got supplies and bikes fixed and replaced. It is a busy place around the mission office with everyone here for the conference.

Here are the Elders headed home before we have another zone conference, so they all bore their testimonies in our last session.
Elder Bonifaz, Elder Todd, Elder Taylor, Elder Swindlehurst, Elder Clegg, Elder Broadhead.

One more picture of this great group. We love them and remember them all coming when we had just arrived in July -September 2014.

They will be missed. We are so excited to have a few more weeks or months before they all leave.
Elder Swindlehurst and Elder Pickup
President Dunn, Elder Sibanda, Elder Mazinyane
Elder Clegg is keeping track of his stats of
"opening your mouth" and placing Books of Mormon.  In one afternoon he and Elder Swindlehurst made so much progress!

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