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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Papa Day in Potchefstroom!

On Sunday June 19, 2016, we headed to Ikageng for church. This area of our mission is about 2 hours away and 6 Elders serve here, plus one senior couple. Today, we went to church in Potchefstroom where we have one branch that meets in an elementary school. Many of the members walk to church from the surrounding township area.
School grounds have this colorful sign.
President Dunn with the Branch President Kwaikwai, newly called (today) Branch clerk, Bongani Buti and 1st Counselor, Brother Sidney Robbins.
Our wonderful missionaries here- Elder and Sister Charchenko, Elder Bonifaz form Madrid Spain, Elder Sousa from Brazil. They are all doing such a wonderful job.
These two missionaries are helping prepare a young man for his future mission. Jacques Kruger is the newly called President of the Priests Quorum. 
The branch passed out Father's Day gifts to every dad in attendance. This papa got one and guess what was inside... a tie! What a generous and thoughtful effort.
Here are two special father's to honor!

Behind every good man is a good women. The mother's of this branch are stellar women. I was honored to be in their midst today. I learned a lot listening to them in Relief Society discuss the value of scripture study.

Sister Liezl Robbins announced to us today that they are expecting their first baby in December. We are so happy for them.  As mentioned earlier, Brother Sidney Robbins serves in the branch presidency and Sister Robbins has been recently called to be in the RS Presidency. She was baptized last year in December and is preparing to go to the temple before the baby arrives. We love them and were so excited to be with them today and hear their exciting news.
Look at these beautiful and stylish women!

Does it get any cuter?

Sister Charchenko does a wonderful job in the primary. Her reach and impact is so wide. 

Today she had the children make Father's Day cards.

with their own pictures inside!

They were so proud of them.

What a blessing to see these children learning the basic's in Primary. There are many children and they are so loved and are being taught so well.
Once we arrived home, look what the Papa at our house whipped up to go with lunch..some healthy carrot, orange and ginger fresh squeezed juice. I will toast to that and this wonderful father, husband and best friend!
Our day was completed with a dinner with our Roodepoort Zone Leaders, Elder Di Ruscio from Italy and Elder Ete from Samoa. We also have Elder Pickup and Elder Dean with us on these evenings as we talk about how to help with the zones. Tonight was very special as we talked about the things our Father's have taught us.
 Elder Ete and Elder Di Ruscio shared a great spiritual thought with us after dinner.
We are so honored to serve with such fine young men. These two are doing such a great job in the Roodepoort Zone. It has really picked up in every area and we couldn't have better Elders leading out with their awesome examples.

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  1. Happy Father's Day to the best! I'm glad I've made
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