President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Two new missionaries

On the morning on May 31, 2016 we added two new missionaries to the SAJM.
They took the long walk across the parking lot from the MTC to their mission office with the AP's and President Dunn.
After staging their luggage for pick up, we took them into the mission office for introductions.
Welcome to Elder Jennings from Australia (above) and a welcome to Elder Reynolds from the United Kingdom. (below)

Office Introductions and First Interviews:
They met with with each of us individually and received a brief overview of various topics and mostly a warm welcome. They also were interviewed by President Dunn and have warm introductions by the Larsen's and the Well's.

We gathered in the board room where the new missionaries were able to have a Q and A with the departing missionaries.
President Dunn and I welcome them and the Assistants give a little overview and then we mostly let them discuss and ask questions before it is time for the departing Elders to bear their testimonies.

Elder Adams (trainer) with his new companion, Elder Jennings
Elder reynolds (trainer) with new companion, Elder Reynolds! Seriously, same name, same country of origin and same look! They are brothers from different mothers!


  1. Sister Dunn - we love your blog!!! It is so great to see what our son is doing.

    We are so impressed by the care you and President Dunn take not only in inducting the new missionaries, but in every aspect of the districts, and with each individual you have in the mission.

    The plaques you made for the missionaries who are leaving are a lovely little touch.

    We are so impressed! What a great example of love you and your husband are.

    Keith and Beverley Reynolds