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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Only 2 for Orientation

Add captionOn Thursday June 2, 2016 our two newest Elders came back to the mission office for a day of Orientation and training.
After an hour learning about car safety, Elder Reynolds and Elder Jennings got a breakfast break and enjoyed some pumpkin bread.
Afterwards they met with all the senior couples, myself included, and heard more details about various area's of responsibility, i.e., health, cars, flats, phones, Medical issues, Supplies, etc.

By 11:30 we headed to their mission home for a tour and introductions and AP training.

We heard more about the "greenie" and the trainer, while we viewed fun pictures form their country of origin!:) Elder Reynolds hails from the UK and Elder jennings from the land down under...Australia!

It is always fun to hear the nice things that companions have already found out about each other in just 48 hours. Elder Adams telling about Elder Jennings.
The AP's do such a great job showing and telling about the mission.
They share personal experiences in the various areas of the mission.

Lunch time... A South Africa spread-- Bobotie with Tumeric Rice and Malva Pudding!

Fun to have a small group this time. We  enjoyed siting at the dining room table and having a fun lunch together.

Workshops carry on.  I focus on SA History and also self reliance.

President Dunn shares the Mission Maxims and lots of other important information.

A quick ping pong game before everyone departs.
Another great orientation.

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  1. Intimate orientation! Funny to see compared to the big groups!