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Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Soweto Women's Conference

On Saturday June 11, 2016 the Soweto Stake hosted the first ever Women's Conference. Over 150 women gathered for this historic occasion.
Posters were hung weeks ago and a lot of effort went into advertising this special event.
A great theme was selected.
and a program planned. All the details were thought through. The Soweto Choir added so much to the occasion. They were singing for 30 minutes before the event began and offered some beautiful musical numbers in the program.
Sister Egan helped the Soweto Relief Society President Grace Mbobo plan the day and Sister French was one of the
Over 150 women came and even a few Elder Lombardi, who with his wife captured pictures for the church history archives.

After the conference everyone moved to the hall where delicious refreshments were served.

As always the children that came were so darling and well behaved.

The ladies in blue sang in the choir. 

Yummy and healthy treats! Congrats to all who put this wonderful event on. Stake President Lebethoa offered such beautiful closing remarks that left all the women inspired and charged to continue to be a light to others. 

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  1. You didn't mention much about your talk! :) Glad it was sent to us. What a great event!