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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Departing Elders

May 31, 2016
Transfer Day Meeting with new missionaries, Trainers and departing Elders.
Today we honor Elder Adjin, Welder Hentunen, Elder Hughes,
Elder Maraetefau, Elder Ndwandwe
Elder Adjin was able  meet with us on the morning of transfers, May 31, 2016, but left right after for his flight to Ghana. We were so glad to have him here for the Q and A and departing testimonies. 

After the testimonies, all the departing Elders (except Elder Adjin who needed to head directly to the airport) came to the mission home.
I was able to go through their travel packets with them and have them complete their pages to leave behind in our memory book.

I love the things they write in answer to questions like:
Share your story and why you came on a mission
Describe what changed most for you during your two years of service
What goals do you have as you head home?What do you hope we will all remember about you?
Share your favorite area you served in and why?
Tell something you learned for a specific companion.
Please share your testimony (an many more questions to choose from) 

We then moved to the dining room and enjoyed a lovely lunch together- complete with sirloin steaks, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, salad, squash and butternut soup. 
Don't forget..chocolate cake for dessert!
We ended the time at the mission home with some short presentations and thoughts before they left for their final temple session.

I gave them all a polished rock to put in their pocket and remember how they go home more polished in every arena than when they came. They are all leaving a legacy and we will never forget. We love them all!!

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