President and Sister Dunn

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mission President Turn-over: Farewell to the Msane's!

In July 2015 President Dunn called 2 wonderful counselors to serve in the mission presidency of the SAJM. Today one of them was released as he starts another wonderful opportunity to serve.

Our dear friends, Nomthi and Ephraim Msane had their farewell today at the FourWays ward.
President Dunn has been so fortunate to have President Msane as a First Counselor in the Mission Presidency.
We have done so many things together over the past year since they have served together.
Our missionaries have loved interacting with the Msane's at so many events. 
They have come to zone conferences, trainings, transfer days and every possible event they could participate in. They will be great
Mission Presidents in the
We have asked Ephraim and Nomthi to look for our dear friends at the end of the month in Provo, Utah when they attend the
Mission Presidents Seminar
Bri and Cindy Badger are headed to the Iowa Des Moines Mission
Jim and Delsie Bekker are headed to the Hawaii Honolulu Mission

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  1. Some of the very best people!!! Love all of these connections.