President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, June 18, 2016

An RM wedding!

On Friday June 17, 2016 we were invited to participate in the sealing of Vincent Kelebogile to Nolene from the Birch Acres.
We were so honored to be at their temple sealing and enjoy time after as they took pictures. Here Nolene is surrounded by her mother and her niece.
Supportive family

We were so honored to be invited.

On Saturday afternoon the reception happened at the Kempton Park Chapel. We arrived and they were taking more fun pictures! 
It was fun to first spy our great missionaries. Elder Souza, Elder Chingamanje, Elder Smalley and Elder Kei.

The wedding program was outlined at the door. 

More chances to pose with the Bride and the Groom. We were also asked to pay a tribute on the program to Vincent (Elder Kelebogile) and Nolene (Mrs. Kelebogile:)
Family photo- this is Nolene's brother, sister in law and neice.

A beautiful day for the wedding party.
Getting ready to "jump for joy!"

Nolene's Mother- She is a darling person and Nolene is the youngest of 5 children- so today was extra special. Below is Nolene's darling sister that planned the reception and decorated the hall. 

Tables were set and ready for a party!

Wedding planner was all smiles!

So was President Dunn with this little angel. She would not leave his side after this.
The couple arrives and starts off with a dance to be welcomed here. A DJ was with us the entire time and played loud, fun music to set the tone and encourage everyone to dance when so inclined.'


Head Table is seated and celebration begins!

Musical number was the wedding song in Tswani by the Birch Acres women. You can tell how much fun they were all having.

Even some spontaneous dancing kept happening during lunch and between speakers. This was such a fun day to be part of. I was so impressed by the effort that went into all the planning, decoration and details. We were so honored to be with them. Below are the remarks I made as part of the tribute. President Dunn also shared memories of Vincent and how prepared he is for life due to the great mission he served.

Vincent and Nolene,

It is an honor to pay a tribute today to you today. I remember Elder Kelebogile's departure from the South Africa Johannesburg Mission on November 24, 2014. We had just been here in this new calling for 5 months and now another year and a half has passed since that day. 

Even though we did not serve together for that long, both President Dunn and I felt very close to you, Vincent.  You stood out as a missionary and as a leader. We were honored to serve together and saw your great strengths in those 5 months.
Remember how you did not want to fly home to Kimberly in 1 hour, but instead insisted on taking the safe way home- on a 2 day bus ride to Kimberly?
You are the only Elder we waved good-bye to at the bus terminal and wave we did…It was emotional for us and you too.

But, I remember that you clearly told us that you would be back before our mission ended and be sealed in the temple to the woman of your dreams. Yu made it with a year to go…..before we go home. We knew you were serious and would make this happen.
So, it has been so fun to see Nolene throughout this past year and know you were dating, falling in love and engaged…and now here you both are…celebrating as the bride and groom.

It was such an honor to be in the temple with you yesterday. We saw the light in your countenance and the support of family and friends. We have photos of the stylish couple after the sealing and it will be a memory for us that we will forever be grateful for.

So, to the two of you from the land of diamonds, Kimberly….let me share a thought about why a diamond is the gemstone signifying marriage most often in wedding rings.


Instead I will propose 5 C-s of your marriage that will truly be an eternity band!

Covenant: An agreement between God and His people. God makes the conditions for the covenant and we do what he asks. God promises us certain blessings for our obedience.  In marriage, we are blessed by following the Lord’s commandments for the marriage covenant and as we do we are blessed as a couple.

Charity (Caring): The prophet Mormon said that we should “pray with all the energy of heart, that we might be filled with His love.” And to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and strength and also love our neighbor (or spouse) as thyself.

Commitment- (Communication, Compromise) Marriage takes work.  In my patriarchal blessing it states that “there will be many challenges in married life, for this is the plan of life and salvation, but together you will face them and overcome them, and with each overcoming you will grow in strength and stature before the Lord and before your children, for you will be examples unto them….and the overcoming of obstacles, will be like stepping stones on your way to exaltation.

Companionship: You are now one in “unity” Even though you bring your unique qualities to a marriage and never lose who you are- you also “cleave” unto each other as was admonished in you sealing yesterday. Find things you love to do together. Find hobbies, passions and interests…and learn to communicate and share ideas about gospel topics, interests, etc. Play together and study together…This will serve you well.

Celestial: So today we celebrate a life of joy and happiness. You are on the path for a Celestial marriage. Equal to the glory of the sun and the fullness of joy! A temple marriage is one of the requirements to attain this fullness of joy and light and our Savior’s presence. May you both live worthy to this promised blessing.’

As all the friends and family in this room, we aspire to this ourselves, the fullness of joy and hope we can all have the desire and determination to move forward on that path…along with you both.

A final “C” word:


  1. What a wonderful post! You both look fantastic and our missionaries look great! Good news about Aurthur. We have been wondering if he had been baptized. Loved seeing the sweet wedding photos, and your inspired tribute.

  2. Sweetest wedding tribute!! I LOVED the talk and darling photos.