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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rustenberg and Phokeng "Zoning In"

 Zoning In- Wednesday June 8, 2016

We drove 2 hours out to Rustenberg and Phokeng in the Roodepoort Zone today for our weekly opportunity to be on the ground with our Elders.

We met up with Elder Chirwa, Elder Cowan, Elder Phiri,  and Elder Tima 

We started off by studying with Elder Tima and Elder Phiri in their Phokeng flat. We were impressed that when we walked in you could smell something good had just come out of the oven that morning. Sure enough, there was freshly made cornbread on the counter. I understand that Elder Tima learned to cook with his mother back home and loves to bake (bread and cookies are his favorite!)
We surveyed the flat and found 3 vacuums. Since we have been focusing on “re-cycling” what Elders are not using, We had Elder Tima keep one and put the others in our car to return to the mission office.
We were impressed with Elder Phiri's daily shoe shining before leaving the flat.
After studying for an hour, we were joined by Elder Cowan and Elder Chirwa and headed to the Rustenberg Ward.

They also are working everyday to strengthen their "6 pack!" (haha) with the ambitious workout schedule below.

Before we left I noticed how organized the Elders were with their laundry....
and also their motivational signs
and their list of investigators and people on date for baptisms..

We then drove to the Rustenberg chapel
We gathered our proselyting materials together and headed out onto the street.
The building amazed me. The grounds were so lush and the building so white! 
Such a great setting and right in the heart of the downtown area.
some last minute plans for street contacting....
and off we go!
We spend an hour and a half talking to everyone that would listen.  
We ran into all kinds of people and many listened, many gave us their numbers and some were inactive members of the Church and had been interested in coming back.

President Dunn is right in the mix!
Elder Tima knows how to "open his mouth" and share the gospel.
Elder Chirwa made his birthday an extra special day, as he talked to everyone.

It was very rewarding and impressive to see these Elders in action.
Elder Cowan is very comfortable talking to everyone.

 It is amazing how many people will listen and seem interested in having the missionaries come and teach them.
Elder Chira and Elder Cowan team together.
Street contacting with Elders Phiri, Chirwa, Cowan and Tima.

Elder Phiri is posing...
Elder Tima is powerful!
After the contacting blitz we took them all to lunch. They live far from all the other Elders and today was Elder Chirwa’s 23rd birthday. So, we had to pause and celebrate.
Happy Birthday Elder Chirwa!

Another great zoning in!

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  1. Best thing you could ever be doing! Love the zoning in!!!!