President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zone Conf. Day 2-Meet us at Bedfordview

Zone Conference Day 2
at Bedfordview

On Wednesday March 11th, we got up early, tried to beat the Johannesburg early morning commute and get to Bedfordview to greet the Vaal, Benoni, Bedfordview Zones for an 8 am start time. 

It is a big effort for all the missionaries to negotiate traffic and be there on time for the pre-session. This pre-session is a talk by President Uchtdorf that we heard at the mission President Seminar last June.

This talk primes the Elders for the sessions that begin at 9 am. 

Here are our three zones:

Vaal Zone
Right to Left-Back Row: Elders Neuwenschwander, Liera, McCallister, DiRuscio, Avial, Reese, Yates, Stomps, May, Carter, Hentunen, Tutrauskis, Todd, Ah Wong, Oldroyd
Front Row:  Elder Togiatomai, Sister and Elder Pier, Sister and President Dunn, Sister and Elder Dummer, Elder Andritiana

Benoni Zone

Right to Left-Back Row: Elders Melese, Beers, Adjin, Hepworth, Mamhere, Ratsimbazafy, Cazier, Holmquist, Bergman, Todd, Saunders, Holloway, Haynes, Farnes, Raymond, Tye, Harris
Middle Row: Kenyah, Savage, Phiri, Sister and President Dunn, Wild, McClelland, Stilgoe

Front Row: LtoR, Elder Rini, Natwajuka, Sipiri, Arthur

Bedfordview Zone

Right to Left-Back Row: Elders Mead, Majozi, Widdison, O'riordan, Cummings, Marafaeuau, Loveless,Wegrowski, Rushton,Manuma, Asay  

Front Row: Elder Packard, Mavundla, Watenga, Sister and President Dunn, Ndwandwe,  Rakotoarison, Masoka
 We have a great group of Elders that gathered together. This was a great day at Bedfordview.
Started our day in the chapel with an opening session with President Dunn. He discussed a great case study called Sister Susan Fulcher.

Everyone enjoyed this topic as it gave many ideas on how to work more closely and positively with members. President Dunn is a great facilitator and he makes presentations run so smoothly.

 Thanks to our amazing Senior Couples who plan, prepare and serve up lunch and breaks. Elder and Sister Thompson, Elder and Sister Allred really have made such a difference in making everything efficient. They are so committed and wonderful to work with.

Elder Tye and Elder Farnes enjoying the lunch break

Elder Yates and Elder May
Elder Widdison with Elder Packard

Elder Rini

Preparing for the lunch time raffle for those with the cleanest apartments/flats.
Elder Hentunen and Neuenschwander are happy to have won a raffle prize.

These three came to the mission at the same time-Elder Mamhere, Elder Savage and Elder Wegrowski
Elder Wild and Elder Rushton


  1. So many cute faces! It looks like it's gone so well .... I'm sure you guys are exhausted!

  2. Great pictures…glad we could be at this conference.

  3. What an immense undertaking - but I am sure that the missionaries had their batteries recharged and their lamps filled! On behalf of our son, thank you. It does my heart good to see his smiling face.