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Friday, March 6, 2015

Six New Missionaries get Oriented!

New Missionary Orientation (NMO)
Wednesday March 4
We enjoy the day that trainers of new missionaries come to the mission home with the newest Elders. Even though there was an Orientation on the first day, (February 17th) this is a more in depth opportunity to cover more subjects, let them be in their mission home and answer questions they have so far on their mission.  Not pictured are Elder Pick-up who arrived late due to traffic and also Elder Lybe and Elder Paul, who are serving in the NorthEast Zone, which is five hours away. We will catch up with them next week when we are in Tzaneen with them for zone conference.
Meet our some of our newest missionaries. They arrived in the mission on February 17th and 18th and are just getting their feet under them. We are so impressed with this group.  Elder Ratsimbasapy, Elder Dean, Elder Rakotgarison, Elder Jada and Elder Wonaila (Elder Pick-up, Lybe and Paul not pictured.)

Meet some of our trainers:  Elder Adjei, Elder Smalley, Elder Ndwandwe, Elder Harris, Elder Mdletshe.

These are the trainers for the above missionaries.  I would want any one of them as a trainer!
President Dunn welcomes and shares many fun and important pieces of information with them, mostly making them feel supported and loved.

Elder Menendez has created new presentations that make the mission and it's boundaries more understandable for the new Elders. He also has created a slide for each of the new missionaries, showing all of us where they are from. This personal touch makes a big difference.
Elder Woniala, Smalley and Worton
Lunchtime is enjoyed by all

Round the world ping pong has become a tradition while the hamburgers are cooking on the Braai. We love having the newest Elders at the mission home for this important and informative day. It is also a lot of fun to get better acquainted.

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  1. so glad i experienced one of these so i understand this better! :) fun fun!