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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marriage Sealing for Elder Ranjato

Sweet Marriage Sealing for Elder Ranjato

On Tuesday March 17, 2015, Elder Mirana Ranjato returned to Johannesburg with his new bride, to be sealed in the holy temple. He served in the SAJM and was released this past November 2014. 

President Dunn and I had the pleasure to accompany them and to participate in the sealing. We were grateful to Elder Tshepbo Vincent Kelebogile, who called us a few weeks ago and made the connection. He told us he would meet us there and was looking forward to being able to be together.
It was so sweet to witness the love between this sweet couple and to see them as they begin their life together. Sister Nirina Daniella Dauphine was married to Mirana Ranjato. They will be returning to Madagascar where they call home.

After the sealing, we had a chance to take some wedding photos outside the temple. We got some wonderful snapshots of the newly sealed couple.

 We won’t be able to be present for most of our Elder’s weddings, but feel so grateful to share in these occasions as we can. It was really special. Here are the weddings that have already happened so far:

 This is the 3rd wedding since arriving home during our time serving here.
Nathan Searle- December 2014
Zach Louw-February 2015
Mirana Ranjato-March 2015

Prior to Elder Ranjato’s sealing, we also witnessed an entire family being sealed together. Three little children accompanied a wonderful couple who had traveled here from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  WOW! Never will I take for granted the amazing blessing of sealing’s. People sacrifice so much to participate in this eternal covenant.

On this special day, I must pause and pay tribute to our oldest sone Jeff and his darling wife and our beloved daughter in law, Whitney on their 7th Anniversary.  They are the proud parents of Maddie and Zach.  We love them and miss them and are so proud of the great people that they are.

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  1. so cute! love that you were able to be there. you got great pictures and they are so darling!!