President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Final Zone Conference Today in Tzaneen

Final Zone Conference Today in Tzaneen

On Friday March 13, we traveled to Tzaneen for the last day of our March 2015 Zone Conference.  The conference was held
Saturday March 14, 2015.

Back Row: Elders Paul, Dela Cruz, Simth-Holley, Lybe, Henderson, Dye, Lamini, Kalani, Delahoy
Front Row: Koyle, Clegg, Dzowa, Olson, Bryner, President and Sister Dunn

North East Zone
with Senior Couples
^Senior Couples-Back Row: Elders and Sister Hansen, Elder and Sister Butler, Elder and Sister Meldrum, Elder and Sister Winward, Elder and Sister Campbell, Elder and Sister Scott, Elder and Sister Swan, President and Sister Dunn
Delivering mail to Elders is always a highlight! Elder Lybe says..."Thanks, mom....Love you." 
Conference sessions have begun. President Dunn begins with a case study discussion on Sister Susan Fulcher. It is an excellent discussion on the value of connecting with members.
These great Elders have come to learn. 
Our two Ap's, Elder Malapula and Elder Menendez presented a wonderful session on the topic of "Increasing our Faith through Prayer."  President Dunn did a great  session on dress and grooming called "Buttoned Up" and introducing the new messenger bag for the SAJM mission.  My session was focused on Service and Good Works and the use  of our time. I even brought my "Volunteer" quilt from the Bennion Center as a visual aid!
Break time: Apple eating with Elders Dye, Delahoy, Henderson, Clegg and Koyle!
Lunch time: All the senior couples made fresh salads and delicious food for our relaxing lunch. This is a nice part of the schedule for everyone. A time to relax and visit.

Companions, Clegg and Lamini running their new latest innovative idea by President Dunn
Below: Elders Olson, Koyle, Lamini, Bryner
Elder Olson and Menendez below! We love all these great Elders!!
    Below: Elder Lybe, Elder Dela Cruz, Elder Kalani & Elder Paul

Elder and Sister Hansen are acclimating to the North East and bringing their great energy! Love them!!!
Elder Dela Cruz in his glory!


  1. Thank you soooo much for taking the time to update your blog. It is so amazing to be able to see pictures of our missionaries so quickly and to be able to understand the experiences they are having. I love following your blog. Thank you so much for all your hard work and never-ending efforts on behalf of all these missionaries!! They are so lucky to have you & your husband & the APs and the couples leading them!

  2. ^^ Love her cute comment above, and these fun pictures! Can't wait for more updates