President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, March 14, 2015

We have a new sister in the mission!

Little Lydia is our Sister Missionary!

On Thursday March 12th, we got a new Grand-daughter and we feel like a new (little) sister came to our mission…and into our hearts!

Lydia Dunn was born to Brady and Mindy Dunn in Salt Lake City, Utah on a beautiful spring day.

Lydia was born at 1 pm and weighed in around 7.5 lbs. She arrived quickly after only 7 minutes of pushing by her mom. That is compared to about 17 hours of labor and over an hour of pushing with her brother, Tagg. We were all relieved that little Lydia came so easily.

Proud Dad

Daddy Daughter First Pose
The happy new family looks thrilled to finally have this little lady here.
We cannot believe how darling mother and baby look.

We even feel like we were brought home for this special occasion by our darling in-laws. As you can see, we were dressed and ready for the arrival. Thanks to Andi Wagstaff for getting this all set up. What a thoughtful and darling gesture. It means so much to us to be pictured with Little Lydia on her birth day.

We also love seeing Jeff and Whit right there showing love and family support. Emi and Chase were also right on the line as we all welcomed Lydia here with a minute by minute play by play.

Lydia’s papa and yaya (us) were pictured below, thanks to Lydia’s nana and pomps. The Wagstaff's are a great family to be connected with! We love them so much and are so honored to have them covering for all of us until we return when Lydia is just barely 2!!

Little Lydia-please know how much we love and welcome you to earth. We feel such close connection with you already and cannot wait until the day we can hold you in our arms.


  1. So much love for this!!! And still laughing at the cardboard cutouts haha!

  2. These cut-outs are spectacular! SO glad you were "there"!

  3. I hope you know how much we SAJM missionary families appreciate the HUGE sacrifice you make to serve & guide our sons. Reading this brought tears to my eyes(and tears of laughter from the cardboard cutouts!) We love you, President & Sister Dunn! Congratulations on your beautiful Lydia!