President and Sister Dunn

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dummer's Departure

 Elder and Sister Dummer head for home after serving in the SAJM

Elder and Sister Dummer departed for home on Tuesday March 24, 2015. They have served for 18 months and have been tireless in their effort to make an impact.

On Monday March 23rd, we gathered as a group of friends to honor them. The Dummer’s helped us with the guest list, as they have had a chance to work with so many great senior couples.
We welcomed the Collins, the Pier's, the Taylor's, the Adam's, the Jones, the Davies, as well as the Allred's and the Thompson's. Fun group of people. We always enjoy having the Assistants join with us.
Dummer's sharing some final reflections with everyone after dinner.

The Dummer's had a new bag to ad to their luggage, their SAJM messenger bag It is fun to have them take 2 of these home.'

We had a new dinner this night, by assigning out different ingredients for a Caf√© Rio salad. It was a big hit.
We were delighted to have our friend Micah Day be part of our gathering. Micah flew in from NY on business for just 48 hours. This was out only night to see him on this trip. Micah will be back in August to help run an NBA Charity All-Star event for the first time in Africa.  We wanted him to see the mission home in action. He got that.. as well as getting caught up.  This is a great guy and we were glad to have Elder Menendez get to meet him. 

We love the Dummer’s and appreciate the time they spent in the mission office getting things streamlined, as well as serving out in the field. They have been so instrumental in Ikakeng, working with 2 branches, members, and missionaries. 

We will miss you and will remember all you did to leave a lasting legacy. You also empowered local members to lead out and be stronger due to training and the tireless efforts you made.


  1. We had such a fun time at the departure dinner. You always host amazing gatherings.

  2. Great gathering! Fun that Micah was back and in town.

  3. We love the Dummers! We're excited to have them back in our ward.