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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Lydia welcomed home

I can’t get enough of Little Lydia……

  As our new granddaughter, Lydia, arrived one week ago, she has had many visitors. My mom, G.G. (for Grammy Ginny) came to pay her visit before she headed home and I felt like she brought part of us with her. Don’t they look cute together? 
Look how darling all three of these ladies are! I'd say this new mom looks 100% for just having that little baby girl.
Here is the front door of the house where Lydia lives!
On this picture, Brady commented:  
“We brought our little hamster home!:)”
Too precious for words from this proud yaya

Packages already arriving from Auntie Em in San Francisco
Proud parents

Little Lydia meets her big bro! She is trying to take it all in.

Our oldest grand-daughter Madison gets to meet her new little cousin, Lydia.
I love these little grandchildren so much and it is consoling to see them in pictures and on Face Time as we often as possible. 

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