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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pretoria starts off March Zone Conference!

Zone Conference Time Again!
First day of ZC March 2015 was held at the Pretoria Stake Center with these three zones in attendance:
Back row: L-R: Elders Kolditz, Thompson, Larsen, Woniala, Perkins, Jada, Worton, Anderson, Dube, Pick-up
Front row: L-R: Elders Ainslie, Broadhead, Adjei, Sister and President Dunn, Garnica, Brasher, Smalley

Back row: L-R: Elders Pius, Xalabile, Thompson, Going, Kusi Poku, Matos, Lea'aetoa, Novotny, Kaufusi, Van Heerden
Front row: L-R: Elders Pulley, Johnson, Hehir, Sister and President Dunn, Kannkunen, Hughes, Jackson 

Pretoria North
Back row: L-R: Elders Tumarae, Wambua, Stapley, Riley, Allen, Swindlehurst, Barendse
Front row: L-R: Elders Tukia, Hunt, Sister and President Dunn, Nicotra, Rogers,  Kufoalor

Just for fun!
The week of March 10-14 marks our 3rd Zone Conference since arriving in July. These are very special times to come together with all the missionaries and discuss and learn together. 
Our Assistants (and President Dunn) make so much of this day happen. They work tirelessly for days and weeks leading up to a zone conference to get all the details in place.

Here is a glimpse of the agenda.
8 am Opening Talk-President Uchtdorf
9 am Opening Session & Announcements (Birthday recognition)
         Opening keynote: President Dunn-Case Study and Discussion
10:30-11:15 Session 1
11:15-12:00 Session 2
12:00-1:00  Lunch1:00-1:45 Session 3
          All Elders rotate between three sessions
                     1:45-2:30 Final Debrief and Wrap-Up

Below are some candids of all our great Elders throughout the day.
Elder Tumarae, Riley and Swindlehurst
Elders Hunt and Rogers

Elder Kufoalor and Benge

Elder Nicotra and Elder Barendse up front!:)

Elder Tukia

Elder Allred happily serving up lunch
Sister Dunn enjoying lunch with Elders Menendez and  Malapula and also Elder Stapley below!

Starting to pack up and prepare for another day
Always getting "assistance" from the our great Assistants! Elder Malapula!

All the pictures below show that the Elders enjoy visiting a bit before heading out after zone conference.

Elder Rogers and Elder Hunt posing again!

Loading up and heading out!

Elder Stapley getting in before he gets left by Elder Barendse and Elder Nictora!
Could not pull this off without these great Assistants!

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