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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Loving the Zone Conference-Day 3

Day Three of our March 2015 Zone Conference

The 3rd day was delightful. President Dunn and I  love each and every day of this conference because we get to interact with new Elders and be with them in smaller groups. We can really talk and be amongst each and every one in a meaningful way.

To see the cars file in with keys left in doors…is a sign zone conference is underway.
We are appreciative for our great senior missionaries for helping get all the fleet evaluations underway. Elder Thompson and Elder Allred have a checklist as they assess the mission fleet. We have more cars than any other mission in the world…we are told!
Elders are to have their cars up to date on maintenance, oil changes, cleaned and the appropriate mileage.  It is a great time to evaluate all of the cars during the conference. We are so lucky to have great senior missionaries to take this assignment so seriously. Elder Allred and Thompson do such a great job.
We then move into the opening sessions. President Dunn keeps having energy each day to start off the conference with a great interactive session that involves everyone with a great deal of discussion. The Elders have also come prepared, having studied the reading material and even discussed it in their companionships, districts and zones.
We take a pause for a snack before the break-out sessions begin. It is nice to see everyone visiting with each other while they enjoy crackers and apples.

 Lunch comes after the morning sessions and this is when we take our zone pictures.
NorthWest Zone
Back Row: Elder  Brown, Kwabaisi, Taylor, Dlamini, Dutson, Pedersen, Deichman, Silvester, Graham, Segil, Quigley, Menendez, Mukasa
Front Row: Malapula, Smith, Williams, Mead, Sister and President Dunn, Dean, Mdletshe, Kairu

Joburg Zone
Back Row: Nelson, McQueen, Whitesides, Leman, Wood, Peterson, Ryan, Compton, Robins, Hunt
Front Row: Nwokedi, Nonumwar, Tekurio, Sister and President Dunn, Bua, Barton, Brown

Soweto Zone
Back Row: Mayende, McCartney, Browning, Mwale, Cluff, Henley, Christie, Wilkerson, Edeyaoch, Roybal
Front Row: Wilombe, Lyon, Ramiiliarijaona, Sister and President Dunn, Rizk, Macrangqa, Richards

Lunch is so nicely set up by the senior couples. It s such an organized break in the middle of the day, with delicious food. Below are great pictures of these great Elders. You can see how great they are from all the pictures.
Elder Kairu and Elder Kwabaisi over lunch

In the last exciting announcement of the day, President Dunn rolled out a new SAJM initiative of a "Week of Witnessing" to happen from April 1-8, prior to and after Easter. This will coincide with the #BecauseHeLives church campaign. Exciting!!
Post conference pictures.  Enjoy!



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  1. Fun that I've been in that chapel! :)

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