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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Visitor 2015 Highlights

Sharing our mission experience with friends and family has been such a highlight of our time here. Nothing can compare to the delight and surprise of having Emi (our only daughter) arrive early and surprise me. As you can see from this picture, I was so shocked when I saw here that I dropped everything in my hands and shrieked with delight.  Her dad was obviously in on the surprise and was capturing the moment.

Emi has  now been here twice and experienced every aspect of the mission life. I love her and cannot believe how special this visit was. She also announced during her stay that she and Chase are expecting a baby in July. There first! Visits do not get any better than this one!

Getting my sister Laurie here in October was also a highlight. She came with Michael Wolfe and we had a great time with them for a few days. I loved that she was here with me and I will always carry that memory until I home with her again. 
More pictures with Emi and Chase. I could not get enough of them!
We also had other great visitors- Brent and Kathryn Knudsen, Paul and irene Rytting and kids, James and Lizzie...Then our old neighbor,  Orva Nielsen came by for a visit and we loved hosting Rob and Chelsea Brubaker. What fun the visitors have been. 
Brent and Kathryn came over Christmas and it was fun to overlap briefly with Emi and Chase.  They were also here for our Christmas party with all our Elders. They were even the judges for our special Christmas Day talent show. We loved every minute together. Of course, Kathryn sent us some fun keepsakes (below) Our house is even more kid friendly with these zany pillows and fun kid plates and books. Oh, how we love visitors and the memories we have made together in this incredible place.

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