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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Black's, the Card's and the Well's are here!

We were so excited to greet Kathy and Richard Black at the airport on Tuesday February 2nd. They are the last of the 3 new couples ot arrive in the greatest mission, the SAJM! The Black's came to the missin home and stayed a night and then we took them with us to Nelspruit to see their new town and new mission assignment.
The Card's arrived one week earlier on Tuesday January 26th and also stayed in the mission home for one night and then headed out on a 5 hour road trip with the Assistants to their flat in the Nelspruit area. We are excited to have these wonderful new couples joining with us.
We welcomed Elder and Sister Wells from Stansbury, Utah to the SAJM on Saturday January 23rd. They will be serving in the mission office.
Elder and Sister Card are from Emery County, but have relocated to Hurricane, Utah in their retirement.  We welcomed them to the SAJM. They are planning on serving as an MLS missionary couple also in the Nelspruit Area. 
The very first Sunday the Well's arrived they accompanied the Allred's to their branch assignment, which is actually a cluster. They jumped in quickly and actually moved into their flat within 24 hours of arriving here.

All 3 couples had an Orientation at the mission office. Ae served breakfast and had them get a chance to meet everyone else and take care of the essential business, like getting phones, credit cards, passport copies, etc etc.

We are so happy to have all three of these great couples. We take their green pictures and then put them on the missionary board.

Following the mission van to Nelspruit with beautiful big open sky all around. It is a beautiful 4 hour drive from Joburg to Nelspruit. We were glad we could take their car with us and visit with them on the way.

Sister Black meet Sister Card. You are going to be fast friends I predict.

Elder and Sister Scott will help this week in the transition.
 They have done a great job and leave on February 10th. They have done much to prepare the area and the branch for this transition.
Elder Scott immediately sharing information and know-how with Elder Black in their new kitchen!

The Card's have already been in Nelspruit for a week and are getting settled in their new area of Kanymazane. What a great couple. We are excited that the Black's and the Card's have all come at the same time.

The Card's, The Scott,s and the Black's holding down the work in the great area of Nelspruit.

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