President and Sister Dunn

Monday, February 15, 2016

Centurion Comes

Here comes the Centurion Zone with Elders Flack, Graham, Wride and Swindlehurst 
Elder Graham and Elder Swindlehurst o the far right and far left are the Zone Leaders for this great zone.

Elder Graham rolling our some sweetrolls!
With Elder Carr, Widdison, Laminie and A'homhe showing their green financial quizes. We surveyed each Elder to see how they are doing with budgeting their funds.

Financial Pop Quiz:

How much do you know about your own spending patterns?

How long have you been out on mission?_____________________

Do you think a mission is helping you to budget more effectively?   Why or Why Not?

How do you feel about the allotment amount? Choose one:
~More than I am used to – plenty for my needs
~I can live within this amount if I plan
~I cannot live on this amount- too little!

How much money did you carry over from last month’s allotment?________________

Have you ever shared expenses with a companion? Yes________ No________                 
If you answered yes:  Who?____________________________
What made it easier to share expenses with this companion?

Do you make a shopping list weekly?  Yes________ No________
What are the most common 10 things you buy each week and what is the average cost?

What would you do if you ran out of allotment money before the month runs out?
~Borrow money
~Eat food I have leftover
~Eat at members and starve
~Ask companions and others for their food
~Use a home card

How many nights did members feed you last week?_________
What has been the average number of dinner appointments you have had weekly throughout your mission?_____________

How much do you think it would cost you monthly in addition,  if members did not feed missionaries?  _________________________________________________

Name specific unexpected expenses you have had while on your mission. 

Do you have a home card?  Yes______No______ If yes, how much do you use (on average) each month?

What expenses do you think a home card or money from home should be used for?

Next comes Elder Widdison, Elder Laminie and Elder A'homhe choosing their fruits for the smootheie!

Elder Hughes, Daki, Ngilazi and Elder Irakeze

President Dunn in the midst of interviews.

It is so nice to spend time with each and every Elder.

Another  meaningful day! in the mission home with great Centurion Elders

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