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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vaal Very Last

On Thursday February 18, the very last day of interviews, we hosted the Vaal Zone*. These Elders all have to travel a little further to be here. The Vaal Zone is led by Elder Asay and Elder Watenga as zone leaders providing great leadership. 

First up today we see Elder Nelson, Elder Watenga and Elder Shava busy completing their financial fitness survey. 

 Our Assistant, Elder Pickup came by to visit for a little bit with these Elders.
 Sister Nomthi Msane is the wife of President Msane in the Mission Presidency. She came by today to participate in the interviews. She and her wonderful husband are heading to Kenya to serve as Mission President sin July. WE love having her jon with us and bring her expertise and spirit. Elder Watenga, Nelson and Asay are benefitting from her presence.
 This group came up with great Commandments of Financial Fitness!
Sister Msane, Elder Nelson, Elder Shava, Elder Asay and Elder Watenga. What a great way to start the day.
 Next up: Elder Valiokola, Elder Manoo, Elder Mavuso and Sister Msane.
Look at this healthy and delciious looking mango, banana, apple smoothie
 Elder Manoo is ready to blend this delicious recipe they made.
 Another great list of commandments came from this group. We were inspired by them. Our last group (below) had Elder Bua, Elder Tekurio, Elder Khwela and Elder Mugenyi. I only grabbed this picture, but they offered great advice and showed a lot of maturity and know how when it came to money management.
* We actually have 86 more Elders from the Vaal Zone that did not make it today. The are from the Ikakeng District and live over 2 hours away. We re-scheduled them to come instead on Tuesday February 23rd when we are hosting a mission wide conference. We will have the same opportunity and workshops for the 8 of them that day.
Elder benson, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Bergman,  Elder Zitumane,  Elder Opolot and Elder Chirwa

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