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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Roodepoort is Ready!

On Tuesday February 16, 2016 we enjoyed meeting with each and every Elder of the Roodepoort Zone. As I always say, the interview time is extra special. We love greeting them one by one and having them come in small groups.
Today we have enjoyed 4 sets of 4 Elders with a total of 16 Elders in this close to home zone. We live in Roodepoort, so these Elders serve in the areas closest to the mission home.

Starting off with the zone leaders and the Khutsong District...we had
Elder Hentunen, Elder Dube, Elder Tima and also two visiting Elders. (sad not to get a picture of them today.

Next up, was the Phokeng and Rustenburg Elders, Elder Bakes, Elder Reynolds, Elder Mpiyakhe and Lino...all the way from about 2 hours away.
These guys are Financially Fit and have great ideas.
Each group comes up with the 10 Commandments of Financial Fitness. They do such a great job coming up with great ideas. I am so proud of them.  Here is the list I came up with. 

10 Commandments
of Financial Fitness

Research shows that control of finances affects happiness as much or more than your career, your partner, your health and overall relationships. Being “FIT for the Kingdom” means you pay attention to physical, emotional, social and financial fitness as part of your spiritual fitness.

1. Be in Control
Get organized with money and be in control of it, so it doesn’t control you.  Money can be your master or you can let it be your servant. It is all up to you.  How you deal with money throughout your life will deeply impact your happiness. Learn now to be in control and not overspend. Live within your budget and discover how extremely rewarding it is.

2. Simplify
Particularly if money’s tight, differentiating between “needs” and “wants” can help you stay within budget. Needs come first, and if there’s money left over, you can spend on wants. Try to limit your wants and be happy with less. Remember often less is more…peace, contentment and happiness!

3. Don’t Borrow $
It is so important to follow this rule, especially while on your mission. It puts stress on your companionship and is not ever a good thing to ask for money because you have run out. Instead work together and help each other live within a budget.
4. Save!
Decide on an amount you’d like to save each month, and include it as an “expense” in your budget. You should have a minimum of 200 Rand at anytime on your mission as a minimum for emergencies.  It is often wise to leave your savings amount on your allotment card and let it accrue for emergencies, which will arise.

5. Don’t Shop Hungry
A cardinal rule of shopping is to take time to plan ahead and make a list of what you plan to get at the store and then stick to it.  If you go hungry, everything looks good and you are a target for impulse purchases. Stores work hard to get us to buy extra impulse items, so don’t give in!

6. Don’t Covet or Cheat
These words are part of the original 10 Commandments and offer sound financial advice. Be happy with what you have and don’t be tempted to do things that are not honest when it comes to finances. The world encourages many practices from begging, to borrowing to stealing that will never get you ahead, only behind in every sense of the word.

7. Set Limits
 Determine the amount you can spend each week while on your mission and stick to it. If you put cash in envelopes (or just hide it away) you will be happier and more at peace each week as you tangibly prove that you can live within your means and set limits you can adhere to. You will be greatly blessed in the future as you have developed the habit of discipline.

8. Health is Wealth
Read through recipes and learn to make simple things that are healthy, inexpensive and you can fall back on them if needed. Getting things out of your diet that are not good for you, i.e. high energy drinks, caffeine, cold drink, sugars and fats will also be cost efficient. The more you eat fruits and vegetables in season and cook simply, the better you feel and the heavier your pocketbook.

9. Do Unto Others
Give to others. This is a rule that will help you realize how much you have when you are willing to part with a fraction of it.  The law of the fast and the opportunity to pay a fast offering is one way you can realize what blessings you have and help you not focus on yourself all the time. Learn to use your money to bless and surprise others with your love and generosity.

10. Forgive Yourself
It’s almost impossible to follow a budget 100% of the time. No matter how disciplined you are, you may overspend now and again. Forgive yourself for small errors and get right back on track, as soon as possible. Learn from your mistakes.

Our third group had the pleasure of being with Elder Kufoalor, Elder Kei, Elder Musiiwa and Elder Bonifaz.

Last, but not least was the Krugersdorp and Roodepoort Elders, Elder Campbell, Elder Furgeson, Elder Mdletshe and Elder Allen.

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