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Monday, February 15, 2016

One more Hello/Goodbye Party

On February 10, 2016  we hosted a bittersweet evening where we said good-bye to a few amazing senior couples and welcomed many of those have just arrived. Above we welcomed the Charchenko's who arrived in November and said good-bye to the Scott's who have been serving in Nelspruit.

      Saying good-bye to Elder and Sister Allred. in a few weeks is not going to be easy. They have brought so much energy, hard work and testimony to everything they do. 

President and Sister Ashton have just arrived to lead up the MTC. We welcomed them on this fun evening. What a dynamic duo!

Elder and Sister Peterson have shared their expertise in mental health and helped so many of our Elders who have benefited from mental health tips to stay healthy. They have been so instrumental. in assisting many, many Elders.  We have so appreciated the great work they have done to keep our Elders supported.
Elder and Sister berg are completing their time working with the Pubic Affairs Division of the Church.  We have loved working with them in many capacities, but our favorite shared opportunity is to have them help us video tape our Elders on their last day of their mission. They have put great clips together and psosed on YouTube for us to keep forever.
Elder and Sister Egan always add so much to a gathering. Elder Egan is the In-Field representative and helps solve special issues and problems. We appreciate all they do for us and the mission. They serve the entire African Continent in this capacity.
Dinner's On! A great spread with everyone contributing something.

Bon Appetit'!

Sister Ashton with the Peterson's
Elder and Sister Walton. They work directly with the Area Presidency in their respective roles. 
Elder and Sister Pond joined with us tonight. They serve as Humanitarian Missionaries and are often traveling all over making a difference in a variety of situations.

The Ashton's and the Walton's getting better acquainted.

Rump with Bacon skewers, Sweet Chili Chicken skewers, homemade grenadilla rolls, green salads, mashed potatoes and butternut, etc. Yum!!

Our AP's have to work for their food! haha They do so much to help us pull off a diner like this. We love them and enjoy having them join with us and we thank them for all they do to make events a success.

Everyone enjoyed conversation

If you bring great people together you are sure to have a lovely evening.

Catching Elder Pickup serving each table!

Start of our short program. Elder and Sister Scott shared a reflection and a testimony about their experience. They served with all their hearts in the Nelspruit area.

Elder and Sister Allred also shared heartfelt feelings about their time in the SAJM office. They have been invaluable in this role and added so much to the mission in every way!

Wonderful, humble testimonies were shared.

The Peterson's shared their experience in counseling and helping Elders with their mental health.

Elder and Sister Berg enlightened everyone about Public Affairs. Their work is so amazing and it is meaningful for other missionaries to know about the need to tell our stories more often to the public.
We love having the Vizzini's join with us from the Stake membership in the Johannesburg Stake. They have worked closely with us through their catering business.

Egan's and Sister Pond listening to the engaging speakers.

The Vizzini's added so much.

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