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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Benoni Stake Conferenc

                                Benoni Stake Conference
Sunday Session
February 14, 2016
Welcome to the Benoni Stake Conference. President Glenn Holmes invited us to speak at the conference. It was extra special to have our dear friends and neighbors, Christine and Stephen Holding and Lauren and Charlotte along. I loved introducing them to Mandy Holmes, the mother of the Benoni Stake and a dear, dear friend to us.
There are 17 units in the Benoni Stake and the conference was so crowded. It is impressive to see so many members all in one place. We also have the most missionaries in this zone, with 22 assigned to serve in Benoni.

Beautiful day as the conference is ending.

Elder Avarell, Elder Reid and Elder Clegg. This is a happy looking bunch.

Elder Moloi with President and Sister Dunn

Look at this great group of Elders with President Dunn and a future missionary right in the middle!

Members of the Benoni Stake are so nice to come up and introduce themselves and say hello!

Taxi drivers come to pick up members up after the conference.

Elder Nonumwar, Elder lefthand, Elder Ete

Elder Manoo with a future missionary from the Benoni Stake

Always love visiting with Mandy Holmes

Elder Warnock with his companion Elder Ete

Elder Clegg fooled Stephan Holding. He was sure that this missionary was NOT form the United States with how good his zulu and accents are.

Visiting with missionaries

Holdings' and Dunn's


Members enjoyed visiting on this beautiful day

Elder Kilgore, and others at the very end of the confernece

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