President and Sister Dunn

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Sons of Soweto

Wednesday February 17, 2016 brought the Sons of Soweto to the mission home for the second to last day of interviews for this transfer. 

We  discussed financial fitness and made smoothies again and enjoyed some sweet rolls as well.

These are some of the 10 Commandments for Financial Fitness. It is
great to have them come up with their own list...they have great insights!
1. Make a grocery list
2. Thou shalt not bow down before other's money!
3 . Make a budget
4. Limit Eating Out
5. Buying together builds unity
6. Avoid loaning money or borrowing money
7. Thou shalt not covet unnecessary expenses
8. Use home card rarely
Don't spend if you are out of money
10. Thou shalt love thy allotment and also love thyself! :)
Elder Adjin and Elder Hepworth are the great zone leaders in this zone,  joined by Elder Lea'aetoa and Elder Tinarau and me with Sister Irene.

Elder Gramu and Elder Kagimba from the Pimville District with 
Elder DeLa Cruz and Elder West
Today we had the pleasure of having Michelle Klintwotth join with us.
As the wife of President Klintworth, she came and taught the missionaries about Financial Fitness and added great insights.
The last group today was Elder Turaskis and Elder Banda from the Protea Glen District and Elder Di Ruscio and Elder Wikara who brought big smiles and last but not least, Elder Ramiliaraona and Elder Samuel.
Elder Di Ruscio and Elder Turauskis , Elder Banda and Elder Wikara ...Elder Samuel and Elder Ramiliaraona getting interviewed. 

Michelle Klintworth helped facilitate a financial discussion and added many greatIt was great to have her with us today. tips from her experience raising five children and running a household herself.
This final group were very smart money managers!

They also made great smoothies.......with Sister Klintworth's encouragement.

We already met with the Nelspruit Elders two weeks ago when we took the Blacks up to Nelspruit.
We loved having the Soweto Zone with us today.


  1. Very fun! Financial tips and smoothies are two things I can get behind :)

  2. where can i find the mission song?