President and Sister Dunn

Monday, February 15, 2016

Big Benoni

The Benoni Zone is our biggest by far, with 22 Elders. Led by Elder Nicotra (Far left) and Elder Clegg (far right) as our trusty Zone Leaders They came with Elder Arthur and Elder Moloi.
Elder Nonumwar, Elder Vataiki, Elder Manuma and Elder Lefthand are ready to go.
Elder Pickup and Elder Masoka are always on hand to check in and make sure things are going well. We love having them as Assistants. They are great leaders for the mission at this time.

Elder Wilombe, Elder Chingomanje, Elder Avarell, Elder Reid, Elder Schnepf, Elder Kilgore and Elder Eki all watched Elder Reid get his package from home.

Elder Luweire, Elder Brown, Elder Ete and Elder Warnock from Secunda.
Elder Shamanga, Elder Mbiriwiri, Elder Natwijuka and Elder Mazinyane

Elders Kilgore, Chingomanje, Elder Hlophe and Elder Wilombe

Elder Avarell, Elder Reid, Elder Schnepf all making a great smoothie together.

Elder Eki from Switzerland helping to write down their personal ideas on the 10 Commandments of Financial Fitness.
Last group of the day got in a little time for ping pong.

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