President and Sister Dunn

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A South African Wedding

Friday February 27
Elder Zach Louw might take the record for quickest wedding after returning home. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa and returned home in October of 2014.

Tonight we attended their temple sealing in the Johannesburg Temple for the former Elder Zach Louw and his new wife to be, Amber. 

 It was amazing to see a missionary in the field just a few months ago, and now watch him make the big step into marriage.
I would normally say this is so quick, but in the case of Elder Louw, I think he is a very mature young man and he and Amber seem very prepared and right for each other.  Elder Louw exhibited great qualities and by his own admittance, matured a great deal on his mission. He knows what he wants in life and seems very ready to move forward.

We had so much fun meeting both families tonight and participating in the temple sealing.

The Olive and Plates restaurant was the location for a gathering after the sealing. The party and festivities were delightful. Tributes and toasts were had, great food was served and dancing went late into the evening. The newlyweds fled around 10 pm and so did we......

Elder Zach Louw was the first of many weddings we will be honored to be invited to. Unfortunately, we will not be so lucky to be living in the same city and able to participate as easily as we could in this one. Whether or not we can attend for other missionaires, we will have our thoughts and prayers focused on each missioanry as they move forward with their lives.

  It was also a very special evening because President Dunn was asked to pay a tribute at the wedding dinner. Besides, Elder Louw's father, President Dunn was the only other toast or tribute of Elder Louw. 
Quite an honor.


  1. Cute to see! First of many missionary weddings you'll attend!

  2. I just think you guys are SO beautiful Sister and President Dunn! I loved you from the second I met you <3

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