President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Zoning In with Bedfordview

Bedfordview Zoning In
Wednesday February 25

We were able to spend time today with Elders in the Vooslorous and Khutsong area of the Bedfordview Zone. These “Zoning In” days have been invaluable for us to get out into the areas of our mission and study and visit with our Elders. We can see what they are doing and spend time in their areas.  It has been so worthwhile for us.

Today the Bedfordview Zone Leaders set us up to go to the Voosloorus flat with our only threesome in the mission, Elder Rushton, (America)  Elder Watenga (Uganda) and Elder Maraetafau, (French Polynesia)  

What is unique about these three Elders, is that they are far from three different countries with the only thing in common, is their love of the gospel and their desire to serve a mission and spread the word.

We had an hour to study with them and loved hearing what they had been studying. We also read from the White Handbook and from "Preach My Gospel."
We also had a chance to see where the three of them sleep and also their study room and how clean their flat was. We gave them a thumbs up (and a green card) for flat cleanliness! They even gave us homemade peanut butter cookies. Impressive!

Later we met up with Elders Masoka and Cummings, as they were dropped off in their area to walk by Elder Packard and Majozi.
As we drove through the township of Khutsong, you cannot help but notice all the tuck shops, kota shops, hair salons and interesting sites.  It is quite the reminder that you are not at home.

We drove along way into their township area and then visited with Doris Linda, a member with her daughter. It is humbling and an honor to be invited into their homes and be able to get to know them and leave a spiritual thought.


  1. So great! I bet dad LOVED the PB cookies ... elders after his own heart! :)

  2. Your elders make homemade cookies? I love seeing the township homes and that hair salon.