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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eight Elders Enter the SAJM

On Tuesday February 17, 2015, we welcomed eight new Elders to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, (SAJM).
They were first greeted by the departing elders as they were escorted from the MTC to  our mission office.

 Many of our Elders have waited longer than expected to get here, due to extended waits for Visa's. Five of our new Elders have been waiting and re-assigned to other missions until they could get here.

Elders Jada, Paul and Woniala
Elders Dean, Lybe and Pick-up
Elder Ratsimbasapy and Rakotgarison from Madagascar

So, needless to say, we are delighted to get these 8, especially when 12 are going home. We need each and every one and are thrilled to welcome them home to the SAJM for the next 24 months.

Elder Jada from South Africa
Elder Paul from Malawi
Elder Woniala from Uganda

Elder Paul with new Trainer, Elder Delahoy
Elder Woniala with new trainer, Elder Adjei
Elder Smalley is trainer for Elder Jada

Elder Dean with new trainer, Elder Mdletshe

ULeft: Elder Lybe with Trainer, Elder Dzowa
U Right: Elder Pick-up with Elder Dube
L Left: Elder Ratsiimbazafy with Trainer: Elder Ndawande
LRight: Elder Rakotgarison with Trainer: Elder Harris

On the transfer morning, We only had 3 of the 8 with us. We hosted a morning Orientation for them, complete with a Q and A with the departing dozen. They shared insights and wisdom and then a breakfast together. 
This group of three had all the questions
This group of 12 was supposed to have all the answers!:)
New "Green" Elders with their new green binders
At 11 am, Elders from all over the mission gathered to welcome the new elders, say good-bye to those departing and to see where their new assignments are taking them. This is always a time of excitement and anticipation.

Newly arrived

Wednesday February 18, 2015

Just as we send Elders off on the plane, we turned around and went downstairs in OR Tambo, to welcome 5 new Elders to the mission. We had three Elders arrive from the MTC on the morning of transfers, Elder Paul, Elder Jada and Elder Woniala. They were oriented by the departing dozen. We also had breakfast together and let them meet their companions in the transfer meeting.  After they headed out to be missionaries that very afternoon.  They will come to the mission home in 2 weeks to have another orientation meeting.

Their counterparts arrived later that evening and stayed in the mission home overnight with a whole group. We had 19 Elders staying overnight on Tuesday February 17th. A night to remember! Very special!!

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