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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Zoning In...North East Style!

President Dunn and I traveled North to spend time with our Elders serving in Polokwane, Mokopane, Tzaneen, Lenyene, Modjadje and Motupa. We were on our way to a District Conference and able to go a day early and "Zone In" with our NorthEast Elders! Our two zone leaders, Elder Olson and Johnson met us with the Elders in Polokwane on our first stop.
Elder Delahoy started off our day as the District Leader, conducting the Friday District Meeting. It is great to sit in on these meetings and hear all the announcements, companionship stats and a run down on their investigators. Elder Delahoy then gave a great lesson on guiding investigators and having the right spirit with you.

Packages from home and supplies from the office were received. This makes Elders happy!! After the Meeting, President Dunn went in the branch president's office :) and interviewed a couple for a temple recommend. It is always thrilling to see the quality of people that are joining the church and now becoming temple ready. This was a highlight to meet this darling family.
Sister Winward always has love to share and something to show. She has worked so hard on the Family History Library and made such a difference in people's lives by helping them do their genealogy.As we drove away I couldn't help but notice the three signs on the building. English, Afrikaans and Security! These go together in South Africa!!

Later we headed to Tzaneen and met up with the 8 Elders there and went contacting in the Central Business Distirct (CBD) of Tzaneen. It is always a way to make contact with people and find together
  Back Row- Elder Kalani, Stephens, Dzowa, Novotny,  Laminie                                                  Front Row: Elder Koyle, Bryner and Smith-Holley                                                                                           

It was Friday afternoon and everyone was headed home form work. It was also a hot afternoon in Tzaneen. But, we kept at it and made some contacts. It wasn't easy and so it made it rewarding that we all stuck with it and did our best. We did get some positive contacts out if it, but it shows why member referrals are so much more productive.

We enjoyed some pizza together and had a chance to spend some time with the Tzaneen Elders before we went to their District Meeting. Elder Novotny is the district leader and did a great job, with the help of his companion, Elder Laminie, in giving a lesson on humility. We started with companionship reports. Below are Elder Stephens and Dzowa, then Elder Koyle and Smith-Holley and finally Elder Novotny and Lamini. Not pictured: Elder Bryner and Elder Kalani.
The day was so enjoyable with our NE Elders. WE were able to be with each and every one of them and spend time with them, doing what they do.  We loved it and we love them!

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  1. Very fun! How cool to be out in the streets with the elders. Love the zoning in posts!!!