President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Counseling with our Council

Each transfer we prepare a new Council picture board for reference. It is helpful to glance and see who are the current zone leaders. Here is the newest zone leader roster for the transfer from February 17-March 31. We welcome these new Elders* to the group.                                       *Elder Hendersen, Elder Magrangqa,  Elder Mead, Elder Smith, Elder Van Heerden,  Elder Wood

Counseling with our Council
Thursday February 26, 2015

Every six weeks we have a meeting with our zone leaders to discuss the issues of most importance in the SAJ mission. This is known as the Mission Leadership Council (MLC). The best part of the meeting is the discussion that ensues on every topic. These Elders take their calling seriously and come with suggestions, ideas and questions. 
We start the meeting at noon with a lunch. This is a nice time to gather and visit before the lengthy meeting begins around 12:45. 
The office couples, Thompson’s and Allred’s really support and plan this lunch. We rotate the food and everyone brings something. It is a great way to start.

The MLC then heads into the meeting room and commences with a lengthy agenda. Today we covered reviewing the recent “Month of Miracles” and plans for zone conference, self-reliance issues, dress standards, a new messenger bag and many more topics.

Zones also submit topics they want to discuss.  We discussed many issues they brought to the table. It was a great meeting today, and every single zone leader participated with comments and questions.

We also ask Zone Leaders to conduct flat inspections of the missionaries in their zones. This is new, since senior couples have previously done this.  We spent a lot of time today discussing how this is going and how we can assist in this new process.  All in all, they are doing a great job assuming this important task of helping missionaries keep their living quarters clean and respecting the property.

This is a great group of Elders. It is wonderful how a mission gives missionaries so many opportunities to serve and experience leadership. Whether as a trainer, senior companion, district leader, zone leader or assistant, there is no shortage of opportunities to influence, motivate and lead your self and then others on a mission. I love that these assignments rotate and new Elders get the chance and those with experience return to serve after leadership opportunities. 


  1. So fun to attend this last time!!

  2. I am seeing a lot of green ties like you said.