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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zoning In~Soweto Style

Kickin’ it in Kagiso

Wednesday February 11, 2015
Today we had the chance to go out in the field and spend time in the Soweto Zone. This is an area not far from our home in Roodepoort. These Elders are all serving pretty close to the mission office and in the biggest township in the world. Soweto stands for Southwest Township. Overtime, the Soweto Zone has been a productive area of the mission. Elders usually have many people to teach, due to the fact that Soweto is an area that people are out and about and it is easier to meet and find investigators.
We were invited to meet first with the Florida Elders and spend an hour studying with them from 9-10 am in their felt. They welcomed us and we found their living conditions very clean and pleasant. Elder Edeyaoch and Elder Richards shared what they have been studying and we discussed aspects of Preach My Gospel that would be helpful for them in their teaching appointments later in the day.
We have had the chance to have Elder Richards and Edeyaoch teach in our mission home, because  we actually live in their area.  They bring a great spirit and we have loved the chance to witness them in many effective teaching situations. This made it extra special to be able to study with them this morning and see their flat.
When we said good-bye, we headed to the Kagiso 1 and 2 Elders. We traveled together to a township area called Kagiso and met up with some of their appointments.
Our first stop found no one home. But then the door opened and a younger brother answered. Our Zone Leaders, Elder Xalibile and Elder Henley met us and turned us over to Elder Mayende and Elder Rizk to go and meet some of their appointments that were set up for the day.

We experienced something that happens often…. no one was home.  But then the door opened and it was the younger brother of the man who had made the appointment.  The Elders were warm and friendly and told him they would come back later to connect with the older brother who had made the appointment. But, they also talked to this young man and got his contact number for a later appointment with him.

We then went to teach a family. Eric and his wife Rejoice were so impressive. The welcomed us in their home and we felt the spirit as we shared a lesson on the Plan of Salvation.  We hope to go back and visit them again.

After the appointment, we met up again with Elders Henley and Xalibile and had time for a quick lunch together at the Kasigo mall. It gave us time to reflect on the teaching and studying activities and discuss the status of the Soweto Zone in general.
We loved our day in the Soweto Zone. 

We got a sense of the area in a deeper way and we even had time to pose by the Kagiso Memorial.  We love our Elders and learn so much spending time with them.
Elder Mayende, from Kenya Elder Xalibile from South Africa, Elder Rizk from Austria, President Dunn and Elder Henley from Utah

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't get a kota! :)
    Looks like such a great day in Soweto!