President and Sister Dunn

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mahala Madness

Mahala Monday
Monday February 23, 2015
(Elders, Kairu, Taylor, Smith, Mavundla, Deichman, Mwale, Ware, Wilkerson, Roybal and Richards)

On Monday’s around noon, we see Elders begin to converge around the mission office in their soccer, basketball and rugby attire.  

Today got the best of President Dunn and I found his office empty around 2 pm and his suit hanging on the hooks, so I knew he had been urged to join with the fun today.
(Elders Taylor, Smith, Malapula, Menendez, Kwaibasi, Brown and President Dunn) This was the soccer group today. They played their hearts out. Especially the one in the green jersey.

(Elders Kairu, Smith and Taylor)
So, I went out and found them finishing up and many participants in this day of sport.
Basketball and soccer were the play of the day.
This is a great relaxing diversion for our missionaries. They have already studied, cleaned, e-mailed and shopped, and then they get a few free (Mahala) hours to play and interact in a fun and different way.

The games begin out on the fields around the mission home. We are especially fortunate to be on such a great property with plenty of fields and space for fun. We even found Elder Ware driving his car to deliver a watermelon to his tired comrades. This is also where members park for church if it is a crowded day.

Elder Ware is always up for a funny face pic!

 (Elders Mwale, Mavundla, Deichman, Wilkerson, Richards)
 Taking a breather!
Basketball Junkies: Elder Christie and Edeyaoch
Elders Williams and Elder Lyon, standing about 6'8"  Our two tallest Elders came out to play a little B-ball-of course!
Room for everyone-welcoming Elder Taylor!

Hope this Mahalo Monday can continue.  It is a fun way to interact with Elders.


  1. really cute pictures! did you get a new camera yet?
    dad's green jersey is perfect ... as are his new cleats i brought across the world with me :)
    glad they are being put to good use and LOVE that he plays with the elders!

  2. Mike looks so tan in the soccer picture. It looks so fun to have a day to relax and play! And I loved seeing the car on the beautiful green lawn!

  3. I LOVE your blog, I check it every week to see if there are any picts of my missionary. I know you are busy and I am glad you take the time to post pictures of our boys, and I know I am not the only mom watching the blog, for pictures.