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Monday, February 9, 2015

District Conference in Tzaneen

"You can go fast, if you go alone. You can go far, if you go together."
~African Proverb

The leadership and saints in this area are working hard together to make a lasting impact in the Limpopo province. It takes time, but it is bringing everyone along.
Sunday February 1, 2015
Meet the New Branch Presidency in Lenyene. President Kacana with his Counselors.
The branch presidency change was precipitated by the call of the former Branch President to the District Presidency. Brother Molele on the left, transitioned to this new leadership role, preparing for the District Conference on Sunday February 8.

On Saturday and Sunday February 7-8, we participated in the Tzaneen District Conference.
Missionaries started to gather before the Conference. It was thrilling to see everyone start to gather.  The District Presidency took a chance and rented a large building for the Conference. If you build it...will they come? Yes...they did!
The program went from 10 am-12 pm. It was uplifting and worthwhile. The new District Presidency, with President Manzini leading,  did a great job organizing this conference.
A A men's choir performed on Saturday, "Elders of Israel."  We loved the chance to gather with members, newly called Leadership and of course, our Elders and Senior Couples. This was a historic event in Tzaneen.

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