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Monday, January 23, 2017

Temple missionaries take a tour

On Monday January 23, 2017, 6 couples that are serving in the Johannesburg Temple came our way for a SAJM tour. We have helped and hosted this event about every 6 months while serving here.  It is nice they are interested in the MTC and the mission office and I love having them also come to the mission home and see it for themselves. These great people are so dedicated to come to South Africa to serve a mission We love seeing them all in the temple weekly when we go with our missionaries.

They started by visiting the MTC with President Ashton.

Then they came to our office and were greeted by our office couples and shown around. Each person shared what they do in their respective assignments in the office.

President Dunn and the assistants told them about our missionary force and thanks ed them for the service they do on Sundays in the branches and wards they are assigned to.

The Assistants were there too and talked about the various zones.

We ended at the mission home and had lunch. After lunch, Ike and Edwina Swartzburg spoke to everyone and shared their story. I have copied the re-dedicatory prayer at the end of this post. Ike shared about the miracle that surrounded this most special and historic event in 1973. He was in the mission presidency then and recorded Spencer W. Kimball giving the address.


Sister Foxx and Sister Willis joined us and also helped conduct a tour of the Seminary and Institute building and program.

Ike is a good story teller. He shared such significant historical events that have happened in his lifetime. He is a convert to the church and been so active and engaged with his lovely wife Edwina since his baptism some 50+ decades ago.

I feel honored to have Ike and Edwina as dear friends. Ike helped to purchase the mission home over 40 years ago.

I was so happy to have such a worthwhile luncheon today at the mission home for such a nice group.

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